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Is the name of a business that manufactures steam engines and boilers for different applications in Goolwa South Australia. It was set up around the end of 1988 to tool up for the manufacture of a range of small marine steam engines and boilers to power boats up to 35 feet in length and later alternative power supply steam engines.

Strath Steam Image 2After the birth of the first marine engine it became a little side tracked as many enquiries were received from people looking for small steam engines suitable for generating power in remote areas where there is no grid electricity but an abundance of fire wood and a request to manufacture a couple of vee twin automotive type engines. The above photograph depicts one of these power generating engines it is a LIBERTY 4-5hp unit which in conjunction with our Horizontal Multitubular Underfired boiler is by far our most popular system.The unit can supply an average domestic dwelling with electricity and an enormous amount of hot water or house heating as the result of using a condensing heat exchanger on the engines exhaust. The Liberty has the ability to put out around 2KVA of electricity with a reasonably efficient generator, at full power. (although we do not recommend it for long periods)When run at about half speed while generating DC power to charge a battery storage bank it can supply boiling water at a rate of approximately 50gallons per hour.

Strath Steam Image 3The photograph above and to the right shows one of our WARREGO marine engines which has the same 3”bore by 4” stroke cylinder as the Liberty and is capable of driving a boat of up to 23 feet in length with the steam being supplied by an 18 inch shell dry back vertical fire tube boiler ,burning coal with a natural draft. Strath Steam make 7 marine steam engines starting from a little 2”bore by 2” stroke single to the largest twin cylinder 3” plus 5” bores by 4” stroke compound engines which can deliver up to 10hp as an inline design or as a tandem style unit. They make use of contact sealed ball races so as to keep the job of lubrication to a minimum wherever possible and are constructed from high quality iron castings with SG iron crankshafts, aluminium conrods and are hard chromed on the piston and valve rods and big end journals. Most of these engines can be supplied fitted with a fixed valve cutoff, a slip eccentric reversing valve gear or the Stephensons Link  system.

Strath Steam Image 4The photograph to the right is of our steam launch Penelope while the picture above shows her steam plant. We offer a small handbook catalogue on our marine equipment which if you contact us and forward $5 we will send one to you via snail mail. We can bring together a boat for you from scratch, and fit it out ready to go or we are happy to supply the plant and instructions to do it your self. Click here to go to our main site

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