Strath Steam has ceased manufacturing because

the owner Rod Muller has retired.

Strath Steam was in the business of making  steam engines and boilers for a number of different applications with a client base spread worldwide.

It was originally located in Strathalbyn South Australia and was set up around the end of 1988 to tool up for the manufacture of a range of small marine steam engines and boilers to power boats up to 35 feet in length.

 After the birth of the first marine engine it became a little side tracked as many enquiries were received from people looking for small horizontal steam engines suitable for generating power in remote areas where there is no grid electricity but had access to an abundance of fire wood along with a request to manufacture a couple of automotive type engines for use in steam cars.

In its day it could offer seven marine steam engine models, a couple of horizontal mill type engines for power generation, along with a twin simple vee and compound vee steam car engine.

When it came to boilers Strath Steam held Australian government approvals to manufacture four different sizes of vertical fire tube boilers designed for marine applications and a horizontal multi tubular under fired unit for power generating applications.

We also manufactured a number of monotube tube steam generators over the years  where there was a need for steam at very high pressure and temperature required for applications such as steam cars.

As one can imagine we could supply just about anything you may have required related to the type of steam plant a client may have considered wether it was ancillary equipment for a steam launch or the whole boat, a condenser coil or feed pump for a power generating plant or the more sophisticated control gear required to successfully operate the automatic firing system for a steam car.

We can still supply some spare parts like fire grates, piston valve cylinder castings etc and some times will undertake overhaul work or repairs. We have a register of all the engines and boilers that were manufactured so give us a call to see if we can help.

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Primary Business Address

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Goolwa  5214

South Australia

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